Three Keynotes open the conference under the theme of “Directions”, considering how to set a direction for retail based on the experience of the last decade and the next stage of digitally-led transformation in retail. Part celebration of achievements to date, part case study on the current context, the culmination of the Keynotes will be setting a direction for multichannel retailers for the coming decade, while still trading the current season!




Without customers we have no business. How can we gain their interest, take their money and repeat profitably?
The products we offer define us to our customers - their relevance to their needs and desires, and the experience of ownership.
The ‘unit of commerce’ in multichannel is the order. More so than the sale, it is the creation of an order that drives our operations to pick, pack, ship and deliver.
WORKSHOP 1                           TIME: 11.20
Mobile Faux-Pas that hurt your conversion rate

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