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InternetRetailing Events is proud to work in partnership with InternetRetailing and eDelivery Media , which are the leading online portal and magazines for European ecommerce and host the board level conversation for multichannel retail across all platforms.

InternetRetailing Media

InternetRetailing provides analysis, insight and
stimulus for Europe’s multichannel retailers. Our
activities span print, digital publishing and video,
live events, skills development and confidential
briefing and discussion formats.
InternetRetailing is a fascinating sector, operating
at the intersection of talents and skills, blending the
best of traditional retailing with new opportunities
from digital channels. We cover marketing,
technology, operations, merchandising, buying and
eCRM – but from a commercial perspective. We
consider the point at which these disciplines collide
and collaborate.

InternetRetailing Top500

Analysing the state of ‘retailcraft’ in the UK, Europe
and ASEAN the IR Top500 Reports are an
authoritative voice, producing a view of best
practice – rigorously assessed across six
performance dimensions and hundreds of metrics.


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eDelivery is the trade title for professionals who
support multichannel retail. Experts in supply chain,
operations, logistics, warehousing, customer
support and related services are the focus of our
coverage, research and insight – in short, how can
we together ‘fulfil the multichannel promise’.
eDelivery is a title from InternetRetailing, the title
for Europe’s multichannel professionals, and
benefits from its research and events teams who
together support our focus on the operational
aspects of multichannel.


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