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Never has operational performance been more scrutinised. Consumers expect seamless delivery on their terms. How can this be enacted in a profitable and efficient fashion? How are working techniques and strategies amended across international borders? Ultimately how is an adaptive and coherent model of operating developed that suits specifically your company profile?
Topics will include; The Next Generation, labour versus technology, international cross border, transportation cost and capactity, returns strategy, customer satisfaction, and reputation in delivery.
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08.00 - 09.20

Registration & Networking


09.20 - 09.30

Chairperson’s Introduction

Chairman’s welcome

Peter Ward, Chief Executive, UK Warehousing Association

  • 09.35 - 10.05

    Keynote Address: Reputation in Delivery

    How is Customer Loyalty Realised? Under what operational successes is customer loyalty built? In this presentation we will hear how a company has identified high performance areas with increased levels of loyalty and retention. What do consumers really value in terms of delivery and what makes them come back time and time again?

    Karen Gibson, Senior Manager – toyou Client Relationships at ASDA

  • 10.10 - 10.40

    EDC Roundtable Discussions + Networking

    A series of roundtables discuss pertinent issues around edelivery and fulfilment Innovating parcels and distribution services for future-proof online shopping and e-tailing demands


    10.45 - 11.15

    Panel Discussion: 3PL

    Keeping Track With Innovative Retailers by Providing Bespoke Services: What do modern Retailers Demand and How is This Fulfilled

    Jane Smith, Business Development Manager, CML (Core Management Logistics)

    Richard Clark, Marketing Director, N Brown Group

  • 11.15 - 12.00

    Coffee and Networking Break

    Have a well-earned coffee and network with your peers about the topics covered this morning


    12.00 - 12.30

    Presentation: International Cross Border

    Latest challenges and solutions in successful cross border delivery : Cross border delivery is an area currently undergoing some revision. Under a climate of uncertainty from a UK perspective (factoring in Brexit), how are operations currently being handled? Importantly how are future possible restrictions and policies likely to impact your company strategy? Be sure to plan ahead with the help of a sensible timeline of consideration as set out in the above presentation.


    12.35 - 13.05

    Sponsored Session


    13.05 - 13.35

    Presentation: Transportation Cost & Capacity

    Facts, Figures & Solutions. Carriers are more selective about lanes served and strategic customer relationships. Retailers must be creative and think long-range when developing transportation strategies. Key challenges include the volume of split ships, store personnel training and packaging options at stores.


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    Coffee & Refreshments


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    16.15 - 16.45

    Presentation: Returns Strategy

    Minimising £ Cost and opportunity cost and delivering a positive customer experience Returns policy and operations can be costly and time-heavy should the process not be 100% efficient. Company situation, resources and timing all affect ability to run true on company returns’ policy. This presentation will outline the key factors for consideration and the points of challenge that must be closely monitored in order for the returns strategies to be carried out effectively.


    16.50 - 17.20

    Panel Debate: The Next Generation

    Here we will see how companies demonstrate how they have brought in young talent to the logistical departments, and how the role has evolved over recent years. What new skills have become desirable?

    Bill Hopkins, Executive Director of Operations & Logistics, Trainline

    Philip Green, CFO, Deliveroo