Content hell to hello for retailers

  • | 10.45 - 11.15


  • Paulo Newman, Sales Engagement , Censhare

  • Paulo Newman, Sales Engagement , Censhare


Come and join us in this 30 minute session and openly discuss the next wave of innovation in customer engagement which needs to meet the changing demands of the modern consumer. With an explosion in the need for digital content, customers today require your communication with them to be in their language, on their terms and personalised for them on the channel of their choosing.


But when trying to drive customer engagement through personalisation, it’s a fine line between comfortable intimacy and clumsy intrusion. The effectiveness of your operations in this area will determine success: how can customer leaders transform often complex and fractured sets of tools, processes and people from a potentially alienating customer hell to a big, warm “hello!”?


Key takeaways :

  • Understand how to break down content silo’s that exist within your business
  • Turning complexity of content into communications to your consumers
  • Hints and tips from peers and table discussions in the same situation
  • Turn your brand into a media organisations and every business now has a second business which is publishing content to consumers -video, images 



Paulo Newman