How you should be integrating content across your business

  • Theatre 1 | ANALYSE & CONQUER | 10:45 - 11:15


  • Gabrielle O’Hare, Co-owner/ Founder, Content Queen

  • Gabrielle O’Hare, Co-owner/ Founder, Content Queen


What does an end-to-end content strategy really look like for retailers? Join Gabrielle’s Roundtable and discuss:

  • Content strategy – what are retailers trying to achieve with content, and what does this look like in terms of formats and placements across the customer journey
  • Content ownership – how do you link up all the teams and silos in an organisation that need content
  • Content briefing process – getting clarity and focus around the content needed to drive the production process effectively
  • Content production – how to optimise this
  • Content and the digital workflow – integrating into DAM/PIM and media players
  • Content metadata & testing


Key takeaways

  • Understand how content is becoming a pillar in best-practice eCommerce
  • Evaluate how well your organisation is set up to optimise content
  • Take a content framework back to your business