Innovating parcels and distribution services for future-proof online shopping and retailing demands

  • | 10:45 - 11:15


  • Jerrad Hampson, Sales Director, Smiths News

  • Jerrad Hampson, Sales Director, Smiths News


“Innovation and speed in delivering to the consumer marketplace”.

We will also discuss new development opportunities for consumer-goods pick-up or drop-off solutions, delivering better consumer experience, technology tracking and hand-held devices, how retail brands (new and established) are adapting how they move or deliver their goods, even staples like Hovis bread.
Using our extensive distribution network and logistics operation (our ‘nightly miracle’) we turn items around quickly through our depots delivering, as part of our standard service, consumer goods in shops by 7am daily, 364 days a year, which sets us apart from other delivery and distribution companies.
Pass My Parcel is a rapidly-growing business to consumer distribution and parcel service, based on SmithsNews 200-year old heritage of news & mags distribution.
Discussion topics – how companies can adapt production for new distribution techniques, achieving best practice and SLA’s, product categories, distribution options and white label operations.

Key takeaways :

• What makes a good SLA and working partnership
• Ease of client integration
• Considerations for product categories in distribution channels
• Speed of delivery for early morning
• Use of Hand-held technology


Jerrad Hampson

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