Scale a global business while maintaining a lean supplier payments operation

  • | 10:45 - 11:15


  • Jonathan Wu, Partner

  • Jonathan Wu, Partner


A decade ago, the prospect of expanding internationally without doubling headcount and IT spend was an impossibility. Today, that’s exactly what some of the most agile, fast-growth businesses have done.

Thanks to advancements in key financial and operational technologies, international expansion has never been more accessible. However, this “easy access” doesn’t guarantee smooth sailing.

The challenge of managing an increasing number of cross-border partners and suppliers, compounded by the complexity of fraud prevention and regulatory requirements across the world, make it harder to run a seamless, scalable, compliant supplier payments operation.
So, how are leaders of the most successful fast-growth organizations managing these processes efficiently?

Companies that aren’t considering efficiency gains here are falling behind best-in-class finance functions who are capitalizing on emerging technology to streamline finance processes. Join Jonathan Wu, Co-founder of Touch of Modern who helped grow the company to a $150M eTail success to discuss:

Key takeaways :

• How do you overcome the inevitable financial and compliance risks to successfully scaling?
• Are your supplier payments operations efficient enough to match partners and suppliers needs?
• Why is expansion into new markets considered one of the core components of growth in 2017?


Jonathan Wu