Order Management Optimisation: An Engine for Delivering Rapid Omni-Channel

  • | 10:45 - 11:15


  • Imran Choudhary , Retail Commerce Lead, IBM Watson Commerce

  • Imran Choudhary , Retail Commerce Lead, IBM Watson Commerce


No retailer wants to disappoint the customer, but the demands on you are greater than ever before, customers want their goods fast and delivered on promise, the business wants to see improved margins and operational excellence.
Your customer is crossing multiple channels, is expecting to change an order in flight, not have to pay for delivery and have a seamless return, exchange, and refund policy. Oh, and your next best competitor has just launched same day delivery!
In this roundtable we will discuss how Order Management Solutions are the ‘secret sauce’ of omni-channel success and share examples of IBM delivering Enterprise grade Omni-channel capabilities to the Mid Market in months, through their new pay- as- you- grow cloud offering.

Key takeaways:
• Customer Success stories from brands who are putting Order Management into the core of their Omni-channel strategy and reaping benefits within months, not years
• Learn how OMS can enable you to make better decisions about how to promise and fulfil customer orders, resulting in improved profitability and customer satisfaction
• Understand how Watson is being infused into Order Management to help brands leverage cognitive intelligence to optimise the balance of supply, demand, and fulfilment.