EBOOK: CONQUERING ECOMMERCE: Why you need to master marketplaces in 2017? and HOW!

Marketplaces have been taking over the e-commerce world in the past few years, becoming consumer’s go-to platform when looking to buy pretty much anything. From mass markets to niches, there seems to be a marketplace for any product, but how do you decide what suits your business best?

We’ve broken down the pros and cons of five leading marketplaces helping you narrow down which platform works best for you. From big dogs like Amazon, the fifth most visited website in the United States, selling pretty much everything, or targeted marketplaces like Etsy which help you attract the relevant audience for craft and ‘vintage’ goods.


  • Which marketplaces are most cost-efficient
  • How to better target your audience
  • Safest platforms for you and your customers
  • Best platforms for simplified payment options

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