Special Report: The Future of E-Commerce 2017

Given the scale and pace of change, e-commerce is a landscape that presents a number of challenges


Game-changing tech must be understood and adopted to remain competitive. The number of touch points during the customer journey boggles the mind. Savvier buyers hold the industry to higher standards than ever before. If a retailer cannot achieve customer loyalty it simply won’t survive.

In partnership with InternetRetailing Expo and InternetRetailing Media, The Future of E-Commerce special report, published by Raconteur Media and distributed in The Times today, will provide fresh analysis and clarity for senior leaders in this space.

Delving into topics ranging from personalisation and automation to challenging Amazon, the report is a crucial guide for business leaders to understand which technologies will actually add value, how the e-commerce landscape is set to evolve and how slick customer centricity can be achieved.

Across two days IRX and EDX will unveil the future of the Retail Nation and delve into the topics; technology, problems and solutions the Future of E-Commerce Report poses, with a special session on Day 1 and Day 2 from David Lloyd of Alibaba, who’s interview – ‘What makes Chinese Consumers Click?’ – can be read in full within the Report.

You can also read an exclusive piece from InternetRetailing Media‘s Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ian Jindal, ‘People, our staff, standing on the shoulders of robots and digital capabilities, are the future of e-commerce’.