Give your customers what they want. How behavioural data is redefining email personalisation

  • Room 10 | 14:35 - 15:05


  • Matthew Potter, Regional VP EMEA, Movable Ink

  • Matthew Potter, Regional VP EMEA, Movable Ink


Each customer interacts with your website in a different way. With a constantly changing shopping list, how can marketers possibly keep up? In this workshop, you’ll learn how leading brands are using real-time behavioural data to track their customer’s buying signals and bring their email campaigns to life. Join this session to get inspiration for your email marketing strategy and discover why behavioural email marketing is powerful stuff.

Key takeaways:

• Learn how to create content that adapts to your customer’s behaviour at the moment of open
• See how brands have achieved a 266% lift in email conversions with behavioural content
• Get inspirational examples of using individually recommended products in email to boost sales
• Learn what data is most powerful for what segment of your customer base.
• Leave with 10 tactics to use in your next email campaigns


Matthew Potter

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