Using Offline and Online Data in Retail Facebook Marketing

  • room 5 | 14:35 - 15:05


  • Peter Podolinský, Head of European Sales, ROI Hunter

  • Peter Podolinský, Head of European Sales, ROI Hunter


Facebook performance marketing is constantly evolving and multi-channel retailers use more and more advanced strategies to advertise to their existing or potential customers. They struggle to expose the right message, to the right people at the right time. On top of this, Facebook innovates so quickly, that it’s harder and harder to catch up with all the options that you as a marketer have. Therefore, you might need a bit of expert help. Facebook Marketing Partner, ROI HUNTER, will show you how your offline transactional data and your data from sources other than Facebook, can help to optimize Facebook campaigns for better performance. This is an advanced marketers workshop. However, Facebook marketing newbies are welcome.

Key Takeaways

– Integrate your offline transactional data and optimize it
– Create your customised full funnel marketing machine
– Make advanced creatives from your inventory even with Dynamic Ads
– Use automation with ALL of your data, not just Facebook
– Start testing and improve your performance significantly


Peter Podolinský