Environmental charges for online sales – are you compliant?

  • Room 9 | 14:35 - 15:05


  • Matt Baller, Commercial Account Manager, Valpak

  • Matt Baller, Commercial Account Manager, Valpak


Online continues to grow, and consumers are more CSR-savvy than ever. In an age where a viral tweet can destroy a brand overnight, it’s more important than ever to understand the impact of global environmental regulations on your bottom line. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requirements are just as applicable to online delivery beyond the UK as they are here – often moreso.


This session will outline what you need to know about mandatory environmental taxes, why you should care, and the risks of not taking action. We’ll also cover some key advice on how to manage your obligations and gain peace of mind.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to identify where obligations lie for your e-com sales
  • Getting to grips with the requirements in  your destination markets
  • Understanding the challenges presented by lack of harmonisation from country to country
  • How to protect your brand by ensuring products are legally compliant when they reach the customer
  • Recommended next steps: where to start, how to prioritise, how to move forwards
  • How we help ASOS and M&S achieve peace of mind


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