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A true ‘conception’ of the consumer is vital. In this track our speakers will not only explore current analytical processes but also expand on traditional customer analysis by discussing holistic approaches to consumer understanding. Relevant advances in technology including AI, big data, and machine learning will be incorporated into discussions. How is big data being managed and converted into new marketing strategies? How can new technologies better serve both the retailer’s understanding of their market as well as the delivery of customers’ expectations?
Topics will include; Innovative consumer profiling, building loyalty and retention through effective consumer analysis, winning the next generation of buyers and understanding millennial trends, turning consumer data into highly successful marketing campaigns and selecting appropriate technologies to advance consumer understanding and subsequent customer service.
Theatre 1

09.00 - 12.00


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Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief, InternetRetailing

Simon Bell, Founder and Managing Director, Diligent commerce

Sean McKee, Director of Ecommerce, Schuh

Daniel Infanger, Vice president International B2C-Conrad electronic International

Philip Driver, Head of eCommerce EMEA, Canon Europe

Anna Bance, Founder, Girl Meets Dress


  • 12.00 - 12.30

    Building Loyalty & Retention through Effective Consumer Analysis

    Connecting our people with customers: What developing customer relationships and loyalty means within retail and Blackwell’s particular experience.

    Kieron Smith, Digital Director, Blackwell’s Bookshops


  • 12.35 - 13.05

    Understanding The Modern Consumer

    Elevator pitch: Understanding the modern consumer is all important in how your businesses intelligently engage today’s empowered shopper. And Salesforce Commerce Cloud is here to help with enabling retailers to connect with shoppers at every touch point in a whole new way.

    Jamie Merrick, Director of Strategic Solutions, Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Giuseppe Grandinetti, Global Digital Head, Vibram Group


  • 13.05 - 14.00

    Lunch and networking


    14.00 - 14.30

    Q&A : Winning the Next Generation of Buyers & Understanding Millennial Trends

    All retailers must have one eye on the next generation. Without a crystal ball it is no easy task to predict future buying trends and consumer behaviour, however, an attempt must be made nonetheless to understand how the market may develop. In this session our panel will discuss how their companies are preparing for the next generation of consumers and identify what they see as their priorities, in order for them to be catered for.

    Giles Delafeld. Global CIO, Clarks


  • 14.35 - 15.05


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    15.05 - 15.40

    Coffee break and networking

    Grab a coffee and chat with your peers, we’ll be re-convening in 35 minutes


    15.40 - 16.10

    Emotional eCommerce

    Managing the ups and downs in the online experience, unique research commissioned by Klarna from Reading University. • What psychological and emotional factors drive different behaviours? • How can merchants smooth out the online shopper journey?

    Laurel Wolfe, Marketing Director, Klarna


  • 16.15 -16.45


    In retail today we obsess over the multi channel world and how to deliver. The truth is that there is only one channel, the customer. The route to success is, and always has been about looking after your customer. Today there are many tech solutions to support this in the right way, but most retailers are slow to embrace new ideas. The retailers who get going and adopt new ways of working now can be sure of their place in the future, because they will truly know what their customer feels.

    Cliff Crosbie, Co Founder and CXO at Emrays


  • 16.50 - 17.20

    Sure the Taxman won’t find you? How Retailers can safely navigate the changing global tax landscape

    Sacha Wilson, Director of Sales, Avalara