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Reflecting the state of the industry, our opening debates aim to clarify exactly what the modern landscape is. How have consumers evolved in terms of their expectations and demands? How can retailers respond profitably? We also explore the possibilities in new talent and working methodology. What is the perfect blend of age and experience, and how can traditional labour be reconciled with new opportunities in technology?

09.00 - 09.10


Warm welcomes, scene-setting, bold statements, state of the industry; Ian’s got it all. Don’t miss the opening address that lines up a superb day of debate and discussion.

Ian Jindal, Editor in Chief, InternetRetailing


  • 09.10 - 09.35

    Innovative Consumer Profiling: Statistics Are Not Enough

    It is no longer acceptable to rely on simple statistical analysis of the consumer that does not go beyond the obvious. Innovative retailers have proven there are different and complimentary approaches in gathering data and consumer profile. Hear how modern retailers are going about this. Crucially see how this data is managed, advanced and turned into advantageous sales and marketing strategies. Hear the latest updates on exactly how the market has evolved in the last twelve months to keep pace with the modern consumer. How has consumer demand changed? Importantly how are modern buying strategies and demand being matched by the leading retailers? Technology, innovation and adaption will form part of the key solutions in this session.

    Daniel Infanger, Vice president International B2C-Conrad electronic International


  • 09.35 - 10.00

    Examining the Importance of Acting as a Truly Adaptive Retailer

    All retailers must show themselves to be responsive to change. The modern climate dictates that businesses survive and indeed flourish when they prove to be observant of market trends and consumer demands. Anna Bance will explore, through the perspective of Girl Meets Dress, how success can come by acting in this manner; and how future challenges may be faced by being consistently adaptive when appropriate.

    Anna Bance, Founder, Girl Meets Dress


  • 10.10 - 10.40

    Emotional Commerce : Putting the E into ecommerce

    How can retailers create more emotionally engaging online shopping experiences that will improve customer retention and revenue? We explore how retailers can achieve their ecommerce goals in an Amazon retail-race to the modern consumer's heart and wallet by applying a popularised theory from psychologist Daniel Kahneman. Ecommerce, emotion and innovation online will form this expert panel's key discussion points.

    Simon Bell, Founder and Managing Director, Diligent commerce

    Sean McKee, Director of Ecommerce, Schuh

    Philip Driver, Head of eCommerce EMEA, Canon Europe


  • 10.45 - 11.15


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    Gabrielle O’Hare, Co-owner/ Founder, Content Queen

    Robert Kulawik, Chief Operating Officer,

    Robert Sztipity, CEO, ShopBuilder Sport Supplements

    Kay Roberts, Senior Ecommerce Trader, Matalan


  • 11.15 - 12.00

    Coffee break and networking

    If you didn’t manage to get a coffee in the last break, you’ve now got 45 minutes to network and chat whilst we transform IRC into Three Conference streams.